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Winter Wildflowers

Hello!  Happy first day of the new Chinese year! Farewell to the Year of the Snake.  I found it to be appropriately named, as I saw more than twice my usual number of wild snakes this year:  two different immature … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar: Birds and Mistletoe

  Hello, and Happy New Year’s Eve!  I’m looking forward to 2014. Also, happy seventh day of Christmas!  My family has always celebrated all twelve, beginning on Christmas Day.  This year, I spent about a month painting an Advent calendar … Continue reading

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Cooking with Persimmons

A while ago I posted about persimmons and how to pick them.  Soon after, I embarked on another attempt to cook with them!  I met with mixed success, and will tell you all about it.   A year ago, I … Continue reading

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Banana MRI

Have you ever wondered what an MRI of a banana would look like? Much more hypnotic than I expected!  I am definitely interested in seeing MRIs of other fruits and plant parts.  If I find any particularly interesting ones, … Continue reading

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Persimmon Perfection

Hi, I’m back!  For the time being, I’ve decided to combine the content of the two blogs I had intended to write, making this a blog where I generally write about botany AND my experiences in nature.   For example, … Continue reading

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Hello, World!

Greetings from an amateur botanist! I’ve been interested in the natural world all my life, and when I was younger I struggled to learn the names of plants and wildlife from books and members of my similarly nature-oriented family.  Some … Continue reading

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